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Reno Poirier, passionate of the terroir and owner of the family business, has always felt drawn by agriculture and the lifestyle on the farm. It is therefore quite naturally that he gave birth to his dream of having a market garden and agricultural farm in his hometown of Grande-Anse, a coastal village in  northeast New Brunswick.

Our farm has been specializing in the production of mixed vegetables for over 20 years. In constant evolution, we have diversified our offer over the years and today we produce on the farm horticultural products, fresh and cooked market gardeners, fruit and cereals. 


Our crops

We grow nearly forty varieties of vegetables. Our vegetable crops occupy an area of approximately 20 acres. We grow strawberries for U-pick and pre-picked for sale on 10 acres. We also produce hay and straw cereals.

Our market presence and services

We conduct our sales operations at our on-farm stand and at the Caraquet's farmers market. We also make retail sales in neighboring businesses such as restaurants, food stores and certain organizations. We offer our local clientele a CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable basket subscription program for a period of 15 weeks from mid-July until the end of October. We make deliveries to three drop-off points, in Grande-anse, Caraquet and Paquetville.


Our commitment to the community

Community engagement is a way for us to stay close to our community and be part of the change we want to see; whether it is to encourage young people to be part of the next generation in the agricultural field or simply to make the link between people and the fields, thus encouraging them to consume healthily and locally. This is one of the reasons why we choose to get involved with school management and teaching staff in community projects that allow us to share our expertise while providing resources that promote the initiation of children to the basics of plant growth. until the harvest of the fruit.

Our team


Reno Poirier

Owner, vegetable, agricultural and strawberry producer and team leader


Kathy Smith

General management, floral production management, team leader and service at la customer base.

John Paul.jpeg

John Paul Nallana

Greenhouse production

vintage mirror

Frederic Poirier

Field and greenhouse production


Omar Williams

Field and greenhouse production


Gary Linton

Field and greenhouse production


Emily Caron

Customer service

vintage mirror

Customer service

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