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Our peasant meat

Did you know that our free-range pigs and beefs are raised naturally and are free of hormones and antibiotics?   When you buy our free-range pork or beef, you are assured that your meat comes from careful and respectful breeding; the key to guaranteeing you very high quality meat.

The different cuts of pork

Available by half or whole

Whether you choose half or a whole pig, the cuts prepared by the butcher are the same (only the quantities vary): Example of cuts: butt roast, shoulder roast, butt slice, butt slice, chops (pork chops), spareribs, beef jerky, grills and shanks.


PRICE (half or whole pork)(all fees are included, without tax)

$4.25/ pound, cut, wrapped double plastic

We believe that half a pig will weigh between 100 and 125 pounds And a whole pig will weigh between 200 to 250 pounds.

beef cuts.png

The different cuts of beef

 Available by the half


Example of cuts: Shanks, Stewing Cubes, Ground Beef, Rib Steak and/or Rib Eye, Bone-In or Bone-In Beef Blade, Beef Shoulder, T-Bone Steak, strip loin and filet mignon, sirloin steak, sirloin roast, roast or interior steak, flank steak.


PRICE (half beef) (all fees are included, without tax)

$7.00/ pound, cut, wrapped double plastic

We believe that half a beef will weigh between 200 and 250 pounds

Deposit to reserve your pork or beef

To reserve your pork or beef and place your order , we require a deposit of $150.


1) The pigs and beef will be treated by the butcher and will arrive at our house in batches, in November and December.When your order is ready,notWe will contact you to suggest a date and time for picking up your order.

2) It is also possible to make your deposit at the vegetable shack in cash, debit or credit or by contacting us by phone at 726-3877 (deposit by Interac transfer

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